My Love, My Sunrise


I hoped for that One dawn,

that dawn to change how I see,

with visions of what I love,

visions of who I can be. 


Thousands for many a soul

unseen again and again.

Fortune to live long enough,

Few risings in hearts remain.


Embers of violet and orange,

spread above rimrock afar,

As brightening lulls to sleep

to our blessed morning star.


And then you shined through my door,

on that burning, autumn day,

to whisper the end of wander 

and beckon my heart to stay.


And when you warmed my way,

I knew then you were the One,

the One dawn I had hoped for,

the One love thought not to come.


The word “love” does not say much,

nor reflect your lovely voice

nor the bright look in my eyes,

that so gave this heart no choice,


That so gave this man no choice,

but to love

My Sunrise.