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Into the Inner Wilderness

Even religion itself must take a step down from its pedestal in places like this. The defiant nature of the deep forest already suggests that Christ and Yahweh abandoned it more than a century ago. But I say they never arrived. This is no place for a missionary, this is no place for the gods and incarnates of the Middle East. There are no converts to be had here, there is no Eden to be reached, and no flock lying in wait to hear the word of god. The forest is, in a way, its own stubborn voice of God and, thus, refuses to be converted. It only converts.

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Marauding Bears & Closeness

Strangely, when I was physically close to bears during my wildlife management years, I felt further away from bears than I had ever felt before or since.

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Creek Lessons from a Boy

Summer was a magical time. It was an age of gun sticks and all day bike rides, of heavenly visits from the ice cream truck and knothole baseball games, of girls with cooties and secret clubs, and of a world becoming bigger than a ten-year old's eyes and mind could grasp. 

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